Find the best hookup news and casual sex tips for open-minded folks. Meet new personals online for one-night-stands and adult dating of all kinky categories.

Meeting hot personals online became so typical nowadays. Singles do not think long where to find a match, they simply sign up on popular hookup sites and apps and quickly meet new people.

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But do we have enough knowledge to succeed in that? We need to learn more for our own profit, since there are plenty of new kinds of hookups online and kinks at avail. 

Gay hookup and LGBTQ events attending aren’t very surprising for modern singles anymore, many bi-curious men and women want to try things out. Hookup blogs cover all these topics too. 

Young men meanwhile seek cougar women online to solve their career issues and get enjoyment. It’s a very special type of hookup that requires self-development and good manners. 

However, travel hookup is the leader in the market, since all kinds of modern singles without an exception prefer to hook up internationally and combine that with new sightseeing.

Best travel hookup apps and sex tourism

It may seem that all nationalities are equally westernized nowadays, and no hookup advice is needed for westerners. But it’s not so, many countries keep their culture preserved and unique. 

Yet, we want to reach sexy girls from those countries. It’s completely possible, if to follow hookup experts’ recommendations. It’s even fun to study a new culture and succeed with new hotties. 

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It is possible that a hot girl you find, will be both curious about your country and willing to show you hers. A free guide is always needed, especially if it’s also a FWB for a trip time. 

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Also, one shouldn’t generalize girls by their readiness to travel. It is too forward to think they’re local escorts or sugar babies. Chat more and exchange photos to really trust each other first. 

How to find hookups quickly

No one wants to spend long months on hookup search. Moreover, it happens that we do not succeed in finding a compatible match even if we do things right and join the best apps for sex

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So how to speed up the process? Many hookup sites contain compatibility tests and it makes sense to try them, but they are way too schematic to perceive them seriously. 

The truth is always in details. That’s why it’s crucial to always request casual photos from the girls or chose ones who already have them in their profiles. Casual pics contain much more info. 


Best hookup apps with hot girls usually contain the sex education blog, frequently asked questions, and success stories from other users. You can indeed find all that here and chat freely.

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The most updated features, new tendencies in international hookups, trendy design are inspiring singles to unite and find solutions against their loneliness. Live your life with zest!


This top hookup site is specially meant for meeting naughty personals and getting adapted to each other’s environment with the help of adult dating experts’ best tips.

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The platform is always equipping its pages with the cool hints for meeting models, cougar women, and all kinds of singles desirable by modern men. The sex tour tips list is included. 


Enjoy this high-rated platform with the utmost results for your private life and sex entertainment. Use the best adult tips for hot girls pickup and widening your experience.

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Do not limit yourself on the way to pleasure and choose the best options for casual sex or kinky sessions. Share your sex-positive stories with the others and find more friends with benefits.   

Best hookup chat tips 

If you want an adventurer, strong and sporty, who would share all circumstances of the trips with you, choose a girl who likes to take selfies in the gym, in the mountains, or while riding her bike. 

Pay a special attention to the girls’ profile texts. A woman with the bright personality and unique sex skills will never keep her profile shallow and typical. She’ll add more nuances and spice. 

  1. Chatango
  2. TheAdultHub
  3. Smooch
  4. Three Day Rule 
  5. Cheekylovers

These are best apps to chat and flirt online, but also to arrange the real thing. The more you practice and polish your pickup skills, the better your hookup goes once you meet up

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Modern singles know that nothing restricts them except for their own limitations. So they set their minds free and date any interesting personalities they can meet locally, most casually. 

Hookup specialists recommend to use several different apps for a thorough comparing. Then you can find your perfect online spot and assume whether the site is worthy of your attention. 

Is hookup better than dating 

Why is casual hookup more effective than traditional lasting relationships? The world is changing, and we want to feel all these positive changes on our skin. The possibilities are wide open. 

We definitely get more pleasure when we date a marvelous foreigner during the vacation, or combine our business trip with a bright casual affair. It lifts our spirit up, and keeps us confident. 

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Not to mention the concerts and other cultural events where a good company is simply necessary. Casual hookup apps and adult sites are helping people find such a company everywhere

  • Happn – 100+ mln. members
  • Skout – 10+ mln. members
  • StreetSpark – 1+ mln. members

It’s not about the geographical diversity only. Today, there are opportunities to try the things that seemed too unusual to you just some time ago. All kinds of kinks went a norm today. 

Experienced hookup seekers admit distanced casual affairs have more advantages than flaws. It is encouraging to have extra reasons for travelling and seeing the world. Sex is a great bonus. 

Why should I try interracial hookups 

Merging with another culture is always beneficial. You’re getting rest from your monotonous environment, enjoying the changes, and discovering new opportunities.

Very often, non-western women are much more feminine and express their natural desires freely. Even guys from other countries are more intriguing and exotic, just look at the ladyboys. 

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That’s why most gay men and bi-curious youth prefer to hook up in the Philippines or Thailand. Asian boys are way more exciting and rewarding, some of them are determined to date long. 

All that just means the world is full of experiences, and we can find abroad the puzzles of our real nature and real wishes that are missed locally. It makes no sense to skip such a great chance.

Interracial sex apps popularity rate 

Interracial Match ★★★★★

Asian Date Link ★★★★

TimHop Asian dating ★★★

Tantan ★★★★★

MoMo ★★★★★

How to choose the best hookup app 

For picky and selective users, there are always lots of reviews from hookup experts online. Some reviews are sponsored by the sex site itself for a better promotion, while others are fair. 

First of all, choose reviews that do not consist of flattering only. There should be some healthily critical opinion as well. If the pros and cons are described in a balance, the review is good. 

The text shouldn’t be overloaded with the ads. If it is, then the page is likely commercial. If there’s only a few links to the according resources, then it’s ok. Nothing should be annoying on the page. 

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Good reviews are well-structured and reflect the real users’ observations. One more hint, try to use only those sites where hookup blogs are present. Sex-positive folks love reading them. 

Adult dating blogs, market share 2021

Alt com9%
Dating Blogs To Read For Begginers

Do not fall for free hookup sites only. The users should sort things out by themselves there, which is very exhausting. It’s better to pay a small something but to have some helpful service. 

Experienced seekers also recommend using the trial period in addition to reading many reviews from real members. Trial periods are either free or discounted, and you’ll form your own opinion. 

How do I use hookup site blogs 

Dating and hookup blogs seem to be just a bunch of information, very hard to sort out and adsorb. But if to know on what to focus and how to navigate, their usability increases. 

The main page usually shows the newest or the most popular articles. There are always different sections and guidelines that contain all other basic topics the hookup blog is covering. 

Interesting And Useful Dating Blog
Usefuul Hookup Blogs

Adult blogs always contain photos of gorgeous girls, but those are normally illustrative materials not particular personalities. The links to hookup sites and apps bring real acquaintances

  1. Ashley Madison: 40% females
  2. No Strings Attached: 30% females
  3. FriendFinder-X: 25% females

Some blogs are focused on one continent or one kind of dating only, while others enlighten all possible topics connected with romance and meetings online. Choose what responds to your interests. 

If you want to find the info about one particular nationality or city, use the Search option, it is always available on the top of the page. Be flexible and you’ll get the necessary data. 

Good hookup sites always include blogs and useful links, since it helps build stronger connections between the members and raises their awareness, experienced seekers report. 

How to succeed in hookups 

The very first rule for casual sex seekers is not to give up, no matter what happens. Some men do not succeed in meeting new people online simply because they give up instantly

If the hookup app you started with, appeared to be ineffective or fraudulent, don’t give up and go further. If the girl you liked, misbehaved with you or disappeared, forget and go further again. 

  • Sign up
  • Fill the bio
  • Send ice-breakers
  • Send the introductory message
  • Start chatting
  • Set up the hookup date

If you travelled abroad and spent the money to get there, but girls ghosted on you, do not be in hurry to blame anyone, since there are always hundreds of opportunities to pickup a chick. 

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During your vacation, you visit shops, bars, nightclubs, beaches, and there are single girls everywhere. Do not be afraid to approach some of them, since you have already flew so far away. 

Hookups online can be challenging, but most often, just pleasant and simple. All the world got used to the modern opportunity to find like-minded people right on the smart phone or laptop.

It’s better to leave the habit to get negative or criticizing even if you have been disappointed once or twice. Watch your finances, watch your personal time, and keep trying until you become a pro.  

Which topics to avoid in hookups 

Meeting hot girls online is provocative. There is usually a big curiosity, and a strong willing to learn as much as possible about a person. Sometimes, it’s better to master your impatience. 

Early memories 

Breakup with ex

Plans for the future

A girl’s childhood may be one of those risky zones, so be careful with questions. It can happen her family was too poor, her parent was abusive, or there were other sad aspects. 

What You Need To Avoid In Dating
Things To Avoid In Dating

Also, by statistics, girls consider talks about one’s childhood the most personal and intimate. They think, if a man asks about such things, he’s going to date seriously, not just hook up. 

If you don’t have such intentions, better keep from digging too deep. Light funny questions and jokes create the most favorable atmosphere for hookuping and casual traveling together