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Have a Target Before Become an hookup

You must a have a target (or goal) and an exit plan before deciding whether you decide to become an hookup or not. This is obviously the first thing you should do. You must have a target! Why do you c......more

Be Aware of hookuping and Massage Risks

Each and every hookup provider, whether they are Independent or Agency, should be aware of all risks of hookuping and massage services risks.

First of all you always keep in mind that an hookup ......more


Deciding hookuping Area

You have decided to become an hookup, but do you consider what areas are you going to provide your services? There are some options in front of each hookup girl. First you can provide hookuping servic......more

Which one is better? Incall vs. Outcall

It is a common question for Call Girls that whether you provide your services in your location (Incall) or visit your customers. If you decided to welcome your customers Incall, you have to deal with ......more

What services are you planning to offer?

As an hookup girl, call girl or massage provider you must decide what services you are going to offer to your clients. If you are not sure, you can choose more conservative side in the beginning. Afte......more

How much to charge for hookuping?

Becoming a high end hookup or massage provider is not an easy job. On the other hand very few hookup girls can charge US$ 1.000 or over per hour and only large cities where upscale clients can afford ......more

Website for Independent hookups

Having a professional website is mandatory for today’s business world. Nowadays the first step of a business investment is to have a professional and custom built web site. This statement is also tr......more

hookuping and Security

hookuping and Security hookups first thinks their security, do not forget that no money worth in this World is worth for your safety. Do you know how will you conduct your security? If you find you......more

How to Screen Your Clients?

How to Screen Your Clients? Internet is a very good tool to find your new clients online. But you have to keep in mind that there are many good clients as well as bad clients. You cannot be sure ab......more
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