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How much to charge for hookuping?
Becoming a high end hookup or massage provider is not an easy job. On the other hand very few hookup girls can charge US$ 1.000 or over per hour and only large cities where upscale clients can afford these donations.

You can check other hookup girls, call girls and massage providers in your area in order to determine your rates. If you set your rates higher than average hookuping rates in your area, probably you will not get much business. For example if other hookup girls are charging US$ 200 per hour and you charge US$ 500 per hour, you will not get much business because of your higher rates. It is a wise idea to charge average rates in your area first and go higher depends on your business. For example if average rate in your area is US$ 200 in your area you can set your rate a little bit higher, for example US$ 250 and you will find new appointments more likely.

If you are in doubt, starting with average price is a good idea, after that you can increase your price in time. If you start with a higher price and decrease your rate, clients will notice this change and this will look desperate.

You can also offer discounts for weekly discounts for your best clients or whole day or last minute appointments. By this way you can keep your valuable clients happy and optimize your time schedule.

Remember that most of the clients can monitor rates in their area with the help of web site like and can see new hookups and price differences easily. So rate consistency and discounts for repeated and valuable clients can give you an advantage in tough competition.

On top of all, upscale hookups with higher prices have always good attitude to their clients and their clients are willing to pay higher rates to these hookups.

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