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How to Screen Your Clients?
How to Screen Your Clients? Internet is a very good tool to find your new clients online. But you have to keep in mind that there are many good clients as well as bad clients. You cannot be sure about your clients without a proper screening. Screening is very important especially for your new clients and your first appointment with them. Bad clients can be aggressive and can hurt your physically. Of course some of hookups can enjoy these types of clients, but if you are not that kind of hookup you have to think about screening carefully.

There are some reasons to screen your clients. First of all it is better to know who your client is. Is he good looking or not. You can believe us there are lots of good looking clients. If you like mystery we can say another important reason: security. Some of clients can be aggressive or commit a crime against you. If your client knows that you have detailed information about him, he also knows that you will be after him if he commits a crime against you.

How to screen your clients effectively is a very important step. We can show you some ideas:

• You can ask some personal information about your clients and can call them back on more than one phone number to verify you have enough information to identify them.

• You can ask your clients to send one or more pictures of them.

• You can ask some references of other hookups and providers they have seen before. So that you can verify with these providers.

• You can tell all your clients that they have to submit their information for screening purposes; otherwise you will not book an appointment with them.

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