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Have a Target Before Become an hookup
You must a have a target (or goal) and an exit plan before deciding whether you decide to become an hookup or not. This is obviously the first thing you should do. You must have a target! Why do you consider becoming an hookup? Why do you want to enter this business? We can increase these types of questions but we think you got the clue.

First you should be aware that you are considering this business because of money. As you know or heard an average hookup can earn 100s of United States Dollars per hour of her/him service. If we compare hookuping money to other daily jobs, you can see the big difference.

The main question is what are you going to do with this money? Are you going to live a good life, spent your education expenses, start a business, pay your dept, purchase a house or car?

You have to set a target for you before entering hookup business and make an exit plan. When you achieve your targets are you really going to quit hookup business? What are you going to do after hookup business?

Our recommendation is to write each and every target and exit plan in your mind and try to reach your targets. It is a good thing to know when you quit hookup business. By this way you can control your life better.

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