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Deciding hookuping Area
You have decided to become an hookup, but do you consider what areas are you going to provide your services? There are some options in front of each hookup girl. First you can provide hookuping services in your living area, however if you have many friends or family members in your area you have a risk to meet one of your friends or family members on the job. This will be very embarrassing. On the other hand your travel expenses or rental expenses will be zero.

You can offer your hookuping services in a short distance away. So you do not have to worry about to meet one of your relatives on the job. However you have to deal with car rental costs or even an incall location rental cost which can be very high in prime locations.

Another very important question is how central is your location? If clients have to drive far to reach you it is not a good thing, you might loose some of your good clients in time. If you prefer to go to your clients’ location, either a hotel or your clients’ house, you have to spend your valuable time on the road which is not a good thing also because time is money. So you have to utilize your expenses, time, and your location considering all of these effects.

Additionally you have to consider hookuping rates and massage rates in your location. What rates do other hookups and massage providers charge in your area? You must know your competitors rates and arrange your rates accordingly.

Last but maybe the most important thing is safety. You have to check whether your area is safe or not. You have to check your neighbors, if someone screams will they do something about it? Always remember security comes first.

After carefully investigate all of these issues you can decide your area.

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