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Which one is better? Incall vs. Outcall
It is a common question for Call Girls that whether you provide your services in your location (Incall) or visit your customers. If you decided to welcome your customers Incall, you have to deal with rent costs; most of landlords require a 1 year agreement. Additionally all electric heating, water, and similar costs are not included in the rental costs so you must be ready to pay them also. Finding a safe and central location is very important for your business, so that customers can reach your location easily and find themselves in safe place. Call Girls working in Incall location usually get more appointments. If you prefer Outcall, the main question is security because you are going to a stranger’s location. For repeated and established clients this is not a problem but you must carefully check your new clients.

You can also live your Incall location in order to reduce your costs. So you do not have to pay additional costs associated with an apartment or house for living. However you may not want your clients knows where you are living.

Also you can share your incall location with other call girls or massage providers. Rent and other expenses associated with incall location can be split and also you can have a friend with you between your appointments. Also this can increase your security. Our suggestion is to collect rent costs at the beginning of each month, not at the end, so that you will not get any harm when your partner disappears.

For security reasons, we suggest you to provide your outcall services only in 4 star and 5 star hotels and upscale residential locations.

You can hire a driver for your outcall appointments so that you can increase your security. But please keep in mind that these additional services will cost you some amount of money. Alternatively you can use a buddy system, when you start your appointment you can call your buddy and let her know where you are and when you finish your appointment. After your session ends you should call back your buddy to let her know you finish your session.

You clients also worried about their security and they probably do not want you to know where they are living. When you build up good relationships with repeated clients, they might invite you to their location. So you might consider becoming only outcall hookup provider. As we mentioned before repeated clients are very important for your business, you should always try to keep your repeated clients for your business success.

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