1. What do you mean by an hookup?

It would be wrong on your part if you confuse hookup with a prostitute because one is different from the other. You pay a prostitute for getting sexual services while on the other hand you pay to an hookup for spending time with you and giving you companionship. Often, hookups might have sex with their clients, but that is not compulsory, but a choice between both the parties.

2. What do you mean by EGG?

EGG is the short form for Hookup Apps Review which is an hookup directory. EGG is an advertisement platform that is similar to Yellow Pages. As Yellow Pages cannot guarantee the service quality, time, price, etc. of advertisers on their pages, EGG cannot guarantee the hookup services also. Remember that EGG is not an hookup agency. We cannot guarantee you about the authenticity of the hookups because there are many hookups that use fake photos while advertising.

3. Can sexual discussions be done with the hookups while calling them?

No. Remember that hookups are not prostitutes and they are charges for their time and companionship only. Even though hookups often have sex with their clients, this is a matter of coincidence and choice between both parties. You would get sufficient information published on the website about the hookups. This is done in order to prevent the clients from calling the hookups, and take their time with innumerable questions. Therefore, before you call the hookup, it is very essential for you to read the details in the profile of the hookups.

4. What should I do to contact an hookup?

You might call an hookup from any number but please do not call or text an hookup with withheld (unknown or private) number. Simply an hookup would not respond to your text messages when they are sent from unknown numbers neither they would respond to your call done from unknown private numbers. Probably, you would have to confirm with a landline number to request for an outcall.

5. Which is the right time to call an hookup?

It is always wise to book an hookup in advance at a short notice. If you book in advance, you would also be able to mention any specific requirements you have about location, date, time or dress. However, you can also make a last minute call, you can still expect to find hookups, but in that case, you would not be able to mention about any specific requirements.

6. Since I do not have any previous experience, what should I do with an hookup?

There is absolutely nothing to be worried even if, you are new and inexperienced because hookups do hardly bother about these things. Also hookups just do not care about your physical conditions; you do not have to be handsome, good looking, tall, muscular, etc. You just need to be sure about your cleanliness and you must show an hookup the desired respect.

7. What should I do with the appointment?

You should be always on time and discreet while you are on appointment. You must try to listen to the instructions of the hookups or agencies. If you are delayed due to some reason, you must let the hookup or agency know about it in order to prevent any unavoidable circumstances.

8. What does an hookup want when she visits outcalls?

When you ask an hookup to visit you, you must ensure that the place is welcoming. At the same time, the hookup should not face any difficulty in reaching the destined address that you have given. Pay special emphasis to the bedroom and the bathroom, and ensure special cleanliness and hygiene. You can always offer her a drink; from sealed bottle or a can.

9. Am I supposed to take alcohol before I meet the hookup?

Yes, of course, you can take a drink to calm your nerves, but make sure that you do not over drink which can ruin your behavior towards the hookup. If you are drunk, you can be turned away by the hookup. Therefore, be careful.

10. What should I do as soon as I meet the hookup?

You can just relax and chat with the hookup when you have met her. Let her do what she is willing to do. This will certainly keep the situation within control and grip.

11. How to express my desires and expectations?

After talking with her for few minutes, you can tell her what you want. There is nothing to be worried about telling her your likes and expectations. You can also tell her what you expect from the session. You can be assured that she would not be surprised to hear any of your expectations or request. However, if she cannot fulfill your expectations, she would simply tell you no.

12. How should I react if an hookup says no?

Well, you should readily accept the refusal from the hookup instead of requesting her once more. In fact, you must always learn to respect the decision of the hookup under any condition because like any other woman, she too has the right to say no.

13. How should I behave with an hookup?

Make sure that you do not show any kind of disrespect towards the hookup. You pay money for their time, companionship and service, but that does not mean that you can be rude and nasty to them. You should always treat her like a human being, and the way you want to get treated. Show your kindness, sensitiveness, and caring attitude to the hookup. In fact, this is a very crucial aspect which is considered by every hookup, and accordingly, she would respond to you. If you be nice to her, you would not have to pay more, but you can surely get many things extra.

14. Which is the right time for me to leave?

While you book, you would know about the duration you can spend with the hookup. Therefore, do not overstay. Your hookups would possibly not tell you anything if you take some extra minutes, but you should always try to deal in a fair way. Your hookup might have another appointment, and therefore, you must leave on time.

15. Shall I give the hookup any gift or any tip?

No, you are not supposed to bring any gift for the hookup or give a tip while leaving. However, flowers and chocolates are good way to start. However, if you are very pleased with the service of the hookup, you can say thank you, and leave a small tip.

16. What about asking personal questions to the hookup?

Well, you can ask some personal questions, but it is better not to get too personal. Your hookup would not disclose all her secrets to you. It would also be better if you do not try to establish any relationship with the hookup. Remember that hookups are professional people and doing their businesses with you.

17. Which is the ideal time to make the payment?

Be prepared with the exact amount in cash covered in an envelope. You can hand over the money either at the beginning or at the end of the session. You can also place the envelope on the table where your hookup can easily see. Do not show the money.

18. Why is it essential to get listed on EGG?

It is essential to get listed on EGG in order to increase the volume of traffic. Traffic is the key to success for an hookup because clients click on the website’s link to avail and hire their services.

19. What is the price charged for getting registered in your site?

If you are an hookup provider or have an hookup agency, then you would not have to pay any charges for availing membership. In return, you would have to post the banner of our site in your home page. On the other hand, if you are an hookup with a website, you can just place a link at your own page. In case, if you don’t have a website, you would have to give a high quality photo to us subject to our discretion.

20. Is it true that the EGG is free from any charges?

Yes, it is absolutely true that EGG is currently is free of charge.

21. Can the clients receive this service for free?

Yes, currently, even the clients can avail the service free of cost. If you are a client, you can also browse the list to find an hookup of your choice. However, while making contact with the hookup, you can mention or EGG.

22. Are the hookups that are listed in EGG independent or they are through some agencies?

You can expect to find both independent hookups as well as agencies listed in our site.

23. What do you mean by listing?

A listing is nothing but a page which contains relevant and essential information about an hookup or an hookup agency. In the listing, you can expect to find as much information as possible including the photos, the contact number, the payment options, and many more.

24. How can I be helped from the listing?

If you are the owner of an hookup agency, listing the name of your agency in the EGG would help you to increase the numbers of customers into your site. This is actually a form of marketing whereby, EGG would bring about clients for you who are also looking forward to avail your services.

Make sure that when you are establishing an initial contact with an hookup, you try to think of it as another arrangement.


Things to do:

• While you hire the services, try to give a detailed introduction of yourself like the name, address, contact number etc.

• Suggest a time, place, and suitable duration while you are booking the services.

• If you make complements, make sure that these are sincere enough.

• Do not forget to enquire about the money charged on the basis of the duration of the service.

• If you are troubled with any health issues, you should not hesitate to mention it.


Things not to do:

• Do not tell about your sexual requirements.

• Do not ask for sexual services in lieu of some extra charges. Remember that the hookup is here to spend time with you.

• Do not get involved with the hookup in a relationship. Your relationship with an hookup is absolutely professional.

• Do not bargain or negotiate on prices. If you cannot afford the services, you can look for some other services.

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